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Who am I..?

My name is Rakel and i am 23 years old. I live in Aarhus, Denmark, with my boyfriend Phillip. I was born and raised in Iceland, and moved to Denmark when I was 8.

I study Multimedia Design at Businessakademy Aarhus, where I will graduate in late fall 2013. Thereafter I plan to get my professionbachelor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Preveously I have attended different camps in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, latest one in Tanzania for two weeks, and I enjoy this part of my education alot.

Before I started at the Businessakademy I worked as a Event and Teambuilding instructor, which I have done since I was only 14 years old. Based on that I have learned to appreciate the importancy of social skills, and communication, in the every day life. This is why my focus lies on Market communikation, and advertising.

In my sparetime I spend alot of time with my friends, family and boyfriend. Also I enjoy music, films, and painting.
To check out my creative side, visit GalleryRakel.dk



I have allways been creative in many aspects. Before I began working with webdesign and programming, i painted alot, and have been very active in music. Below I have made a collection that displays my work through my time studying MultimediaDesign, and a few projets I have made in my sparetime.



Since I was very young I have allways enjoyed exploring my possebilities for new challenges. This has resulted in insight in many different business perspectives. Below is a short list, displaying a few of the things I have incoplished till now. Hopefully I will have the chance to experience alot more the years after graduating.

2005 - 2008, Student, Tørring Amtsgymnasium

2009 - 2012, Teambuilding Instructor, ActionPark / Learning by Action ApS

2008 - 2009, Quality Department, LEGO

2009 - 2010, Bartender, Discoteque FOAM

2011 - 2013, Multimediadesign, Busines Academy Århus

Below you see diplomas and recomendations I have gained through time.

Anbefaling ActionPark
InnovationsCamp 2012 VINDER
Entrepreneurship in East Africa 2012, 2nd place
EliteCamp 2012 VINDER



Rakel H Sigurdardóttir
Viby J, Århus

+45 22272049

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